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republicans are skeptical any deal can be reach on the debt limit. good evening. i'm jim betts. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. in the midst of the tension at the white house the president reportedly asked republicans would ronald reagan still be sitting here, and seconds later he walked out. nbc news correspondent luke res earth joins us by phone with a moment that may be report for quite a while. luke? >> reporter: yes, doreen, certainly a scorcher of a day here in washington, d.c. weather-wise, and it was quite hot and testy inside the oval office today where the meeting took place at the white house. apparently today while there is a discussion of having a short-term solution to the debt limit brought up by house majority leader eric cantor, the president said, look, we're not going to do a short-term extension that would get us past the august 2nd deadline because i want to do a long-term solution to the debt ceiling which would then get us to 2013 year. eric cantor apparently the president told him, quote, eric,
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don't call my bluff. you know i'll take this to the american people. he then walked out. apparently before he said that at the meeting, he said would ronald reagan be sitting here? i've reached my limit. this may bring down my presidency but i'll not yield on this. president obama instructed the negotiators in the room that he would like this to be figured out by friday of this week. that's a very difficult deadline to make, but certainly a contentious president meeting with a contentious group of republicans along with fellow democrats and no real bible solution seems to be garnering any traction right now, guys, because the one thing we've heard all along is that the house republicans will not pass any debt limit increase deal that includes a tax increase in it. >> all right. luke russert by telephone, seems like the two sides are getting farther apart. >> reporter: indeed. >> thanks, luke. a new programagering both fire fighters and police officers in the district.
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it essentially asks the fire department to help police the streets so teenagers don't get robbed. more now. >> reporter: the theory according to the city criminals respect someone wearing a uniform so by placing fire fighters out on the street in high-crime areas like where we are right now on north capital and florida avenue here on northeast, criminals will be deterred preferring to commit a crime when no one is aron. the d.c. police union and fire fighters union tonight are very worried fearing this new plan could backfire. for the past three weeks fire an personnel have been ordered to participate in a controversial plan to cut down on crime in the city. >> it's everyone's job to make sure our city is safe. >> reporter: the deputy mayor says in response to d.c. summer youth employees getting robbed on pay day, fire fighters sit at high crime locations across the city to create a presence, locations like benning road and g street in southeast and along
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north capitol street along new york avenue and florida avenue. >> it's to prevent things from bubbling up. the idea is if you have a fire apparatus engine with adults there, no one is going to commit a crime. >> reporter: but the d.c. police union and fire fighters union are against this new plan wondering if it really will prevent rob list like the one that happened when a young girl had her cell phone stolen? it's a disaster. you're putting untrained, unsupervised, unequipped fire fighters in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town to perform a law enforcement function. >> reporter: a statement d.c. fire fighters union president ed smith said, quote, i'm concerned that this is a knee jerk reaction to what is a serious problem that is clearly a police matter and not a fire department problem, end quote. the city says it's not asking the fire fighters to take action if a crime occurs, simply pick up the phone and call 911. >> what the mayor needs to do is admit we're down 400 police officers and 300 civilian positions and we don't have
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enough coverage in the city and start fixing that, but these half measures, these gimmicks are not going to help anybody, and people are going to end up getting hurt. >> reporter: now the city says this new plan will not affect fire fighters' response time to emergencies, but the city would rather than having fire fighters wait in the firehouse, rather have them actually out here on the street ready for when the call comes in. after the summer, the plan will be re-evaluated with input from the fire fighters to see if it will come back next year. for now, we're live here northeast d.c. jim, back to you in the studio. >> thanks. the son of d.c. council member marion barry refused to comment tonight after the felony drug dealing charges he is facing. christopher barry is the only son of the former mayor and his late wife. court documents show he was arrested may 30th after police were called to his house in southwest d.c. because of a fight reported there.
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police say they forced their way insund side and found five sandwich bags of marijuana and a vile of pcp all in plain sight. he was charged with possession with intent to distribute. he's due in court. more summer storms produced heavy lightning and rain as they rolled through the washington region this afternoon, even causing localized flooding on the area streets. the storm knocked down trees and a branch fell on a car traveling down east massachusetts avenue. you can see the damage it dump the driver was taken to the hospital. witnesses say it's a miracle she survived because the limb went right through the roof of the car and hit the center console. neighbors told us they had complained to the city about the same tree three month ago but nothing was done. the storms really knocked down the temperatures out there tonight. will this milder weather last for us? doug is in the weather center with the latest. >> doreen, saw five days in a row with temperatures above the 90-degree mark.
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many of those are above 95. today high temperature of 93 and you normally need something strong to break the heat and that's exactly what we got today, a strong line of thunderstorms coming through between 3:00 and 6:00 tonight. now, we're all dry outside. there's no rain to talk about across our area and as a matter of fact that's really ushered in a very nice evening. temperatures 72 in frederick, maryland and 75 in leesburg and 77 in washington and 37 in frictionbu fredericksburg. wait until i show you how nice things are going to get around here. >> two people are questioned in a rare daytime murder in bowie, maryland. the victim was shot inside his house. darcy spencer spoke with family members tonight and joins us now with more on this story. >> reporter: well, jim, police are saying that the victim was in fact targeted, but they are not saying why. that relative tells me tonight that the killers were probably
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after his money. >> he's a working man, you know. i can't understand why anybody wants to hurt him. he takes care of his family and everything. you know, it's a surprise. >> reporter: this man says he's the father-in-law of the man shot and killed of the man shot in this upscale home in bowie. >> he was a wealthy man, i assume, and somebody looked to take what he had. >> reporter: the 44-year-old victim owns a laundromat in prince george's county and was described by rell testifies and friends as an entrepreneur. his sister in tears found it hard to talk about the loss. is there anything you want to say about your brother? >> hard worker. >> reporter: in the laundry business, i hear? >> ummium. >> reporter: the shooting happened at 12:45 in the afternoon. police received a call for shots by fired. they found the victim dead on the first floor of the home. police took two persons of interest into custody. they were found walking in the
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neighborhood. >> it appears this is not a random act of violence, and he was targeted. >> reporter: any reason for the shooting at this point? >> we don't have anything as far as a motive yet. that's still, you know, fresh an under investigation at this point. >> reporter: residents were unaware of any previous violent crimes in the neighborhood. >> i'm just very surprised that there's something going on. >> reporter: never hear of like a shooting or anything? >> no, no. so it's frightening. it's frightening, definitely. >> reporter: detectives are remaining here at the scene ten hours into this investigation. we mentioned that there are two persons of interest in this case. they are still being questioned at police headquarters. so far no arrests have been made, and police have not officially released the identity of the victim. reporting live from bowie, darcy spencer, news 4. jim, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. still ahead on news 4 at 11:00, nearly two dozen cars were hit in a local vandalism spree with a lot of hateful messages.
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a school bus full of kids t-boned, northbound on its side in virginia. and why the governmen
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an electrical fire caused several streets in georgetown to be closed touring the rush hour this afternoon. pepco says a private contractor caused a fire in an electrical box along 34th street in
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northwest. the fire damaged several houses and caused smoke to rise out of several man holes. pepco sent crews underground to cut some wires so that fire crews could get to work. they are investigating a hate crime in silver spring. 20 cars there were vandalized last night. vehicles were parked in the spencerville neighbor. police say the tires were slashed, and there were two incidents -- two incidents of hate-related graffiti. they are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. a truck driver is facing charges tonight after a crash that knocked a school bus on its side. it happened in downtown richmond this afternoon. police say the driver of the truck ran a red light and slammed into the bus. 13 people, including 10 children, were taken to a hospital. the kids were part of a boys and girls club program. their injuries were not serious. still to come, d
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. the government shutdown in minnesota is beginning to cause some big problems for businesses there. that includes the bars and restaurants. a number of bars and restaurants say they can't get the liquor licenses and the permits that they need to operate. the shutdown in minnesota began nearly two weeks ago when the governor and state lawmakers were not able to reach a deal on a budget. several bar owners in minneapolis say they are worried about the bottom line now. they say thousands of employees will be out of work if this shut dunne doesn't end soon. >> ben's chili bowl could be moving to chicago. several areas are looking for
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expangs. ben's has become a must have. has become a permanent fixture at washington park. >> stays with you for a while. >> two days. >> something else that's going to be staying with us over the next couple of days, some great weather. say good-bye to the heat and good-bye to the 90s. i think we'll be looking very, very nice over the next couple of days and actually we're pretty good out there right now. mostly clear skies across parts of the area. still some clouds down to the south. temperatures today got up to about 93 degrees early this afternoon. then we saw the storms move on through, and that really helped to lower the temperatures, but it was our fifth day above 90 degrees. our fourth heat wave so far this year. nicer weather tomorrow, that is for sure. that will put an end to our heat wave, i think. as far as temperatures go out there right now. 77 degrees. dew point still at 72 here so the dew point is still kind of high so still a little bit on the humid side outside but completely different up to the north and west where the dew point are in the 50s right now. that is some cooler air, and some drier air moving on
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n.doppler radar showing over the last 12 hours how that line of storms really developed and came across the area. a lot of locations picked up some beneficial rain. some locations one to two inches in the central portions of fairfax county. now though we're all clear as far as the region is concerned. 78 right now in winchester and culpepper coming in at 73 degrees. as we move on through the night tonight, we'll see the frontal boundary continue to move down to the south and in behind it we're all clear. we're going to clear out nicely tomorrow morning. it's going to be spectacular. that front is moving on down and watch what happens. high pressure settles on in here. this area of high pressure is coming from the north so you know what's going to bring some nice weather with it during the day tomorrow. i think during the day on friday and why not just keep it going right on through the weekend. i think saturday and sunday right now are also looking very, very nye. so tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures on the cooler side. a great morning. 60 in some locations to around 67 degrees inside the city. some areas may even be in the
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upper 50s, and some of the cooler suburbs tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, warm, humid, a great day, 83-87 degrees. win out of the north at 5-15 miles per hour. almost a perfect day for the month of july, and i think a repeat on friday. beautiful with a hive 86. 85 on saturday and 86 degrees on sunday, so temperatures actually a little below average over the next couple of days but that won't last long. we could be in towards another heat wave as we move in towards next week, but we'll wait and see for that one. >> wait for most of tomorrow. >> thanks, doug. >> sports coming up next. have you been watching the women in the world cup? my goodness. they a espn.
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i heard somewhere that the u.s. women in this world cup are the number one seed, and it seems like they certainly do deserve that. >> they deserve it and believe it. >> oh, my goodness. >> the whole bottom line, like any team that becomes a champion. the u.s. women have earned a trip to the world cup final for the first time since 1999 when they will face japan this sun. the team's secret weapon abby wambach. the team beat france in germany 3-1. the u.s. women's team hoping to move on to the finals for the first time since 1999. 8:30 into the game the u.s. jumps ahead on lauren cheney's goal. the intensity was growing and the fans in the stadium that had come to watch loved it. there's captain america, all jazzedp, but this is the game
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changer. 79th minute, game tied at one. not for long, abby wambach where she needed to be to head the pal into the nest past's france's goal keeper, an emotional time for her as she continues to do amazing things. three minutes later, the u.s. leads 2-1, usa with a ball. 22-year-old alex morgan, the youngest player on the team gets insurance. team usa wins 3-1. they are now in the final in frankfurt, germany, this sunday against japan. >> this is our journey. this is our dream. france is a great team. i think that there were moments when they were outplaying us. it's a rainy day and the ball is slippery. at this point it's about who wants it more, who is willing to leave it all out on the field. >> she's just the best. i'm very happy to have her in our team, great. i'm exhausted. i need to rest. >> she needs some rest. and sunday they could become champions. in the sports world, the espy's have become as big as the oscars and the sports awards were held tonight in los angeles. "saturday night live" comedian
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seth myers served as host, and when it comes to sports and comedy, there's plenty to go around. >> lebron james, dwyane wade and chris bosh refer to themselves as the big three in honor of how many quarters they play. it would be incredible shame to lose the nfl football season after the amazing year we just had. michael vick returned to his starting role and had a truly amazing season for the philadelphia eagles. in fact, he even received several mvp votes, mostly from cats. >> that one was bad. >> no one laughs at that one, a little too sensitive, we think, seth, but the heat joke, that was hilarious. >> that was a good one. >> they didn't like it, but we thought -- thought --[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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the district is closing the book on controversy surrounding a police escort given to actor charlie sheen. this past april officers gave sheen what appeared to be a high speed escort from dulles airport to a performance at dar constitutional hall in the district. the d.c. inspector general's office issued an 28-page report on that matter today. that report found nothing unusual about the escort, found it did not violate policy. however, 11 recommendations were made for future escorts. >> if the royal wedding was a media circus, just wait. there are reports that brad pitt and angelina jolie are now planning a fall wedding. the two hollywood stars have been together for six years. they have said they wanted to
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wait to get married until it became legal for everyone, gay or straight. now "us weekly" magazine reports that a wedding could take place in the next few month. the couple has six children. could take place. chost: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! ma1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party?
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from the day show first arrived, we knew this day was coming. we just didn't think it was going to be this soon, did we? >> it's here tonight and dan is going to take a look back at lindsey's career here. >> watch this. >> six years ago linsday czarniak was plucked out of miami by george michael, and i'll let you in on a little secret. she wasn't even sure she wanted to leave the sunshine state, but the allure of her hometown was too much. it didn't take long for lindsay to become a favorite of our
11:32 pm
viewers and the people we cover >> hello, lindsay, hope all is well. congratulations on your move to espn. i just want you to know and i want the people to know one thing about you, that you're one of the hardest working women i've ever seen in the business, and you put -- always give 100% effort and appreciate everything you've done with me when i was here and just want to wish you the best and wish you most success and continue to do what you do. >> lindsay became co-host of "the sports machine" and grew into one of the most recognizable personalities into town. >> thrilled to be here. lindsay czarniak. >> driven and determined. cultivated professional relationships with some of the biggest names in washington, d.c. sports. somehow despite her ever growing popularity, she always remained grounded and was never outworked. >> hey, lindsay. thanks so much for your coverage over the years. good luck with the next step in your career at espn. we'll all be watching. >> from the light hearted to the
11:33 pm
heartfelt, she always had her finger on the pulse of the d.c. sports fan. lunch with lindsay became a hit, ted leansies, gary williams, art m ho nk, jack nicklaus and sugar ray leonard all broke bread with lindsay. her stories and sportscasts along were always entertaining, intelligent and relevant. you will be missed. >> we want to compliment dan because that was a really good piece. >> i didn't even know that they were doing that. that's such a tribute. hiding every time i walked into the office. where's dan buckley, not working anymore? >> when do you begin in. >> august 8th is my first day. >> how will we see you on espn? >> i'll let you know via twitter or e-mail. i'll be on newsworld's national newscentre. i'm not sure when my first day
11:34 pm
will be but i'll let everyone know and what a pleasure it's been to work with you guys over the years. i mean, you guys have been family. we've had a blast. that's a thing, it's been so much fun and cool for me because not only is it this family but my family at home and my mom is thankful that now i won't borrow and lose any more of her necklaces anymore and she would see them on tv and say i knew you had that one. so special to be able to do what i love here and i could cry because i miss you guys already. >> both of your families will miss you a lot. >> thank you. >> and that one, this one as well. >> i've got to tell you it's

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